Step 1: Getting Started - Overview for Teachers (Includes VIDEO)


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Welcome to ALL In Learning!
Get ready to save tons of time grading, see your students excited to learn, easily share work with your teammates, and get immediate feedback insight into exactly what your students need help with!

Your Online Account 
All of our easy-to use features will center around your ALL In Learning account online, which you can access from any computer that is connected to the internet. 

You will be able to:
  • Use clickers to see if every student is understanding your lesson - they love it!

  • Scan plain-paper bubble sheets instantly with a doc cam or an iPad or iPhone, with immediate access to stunning reports. From exams to bell-ringer quizzes, this can save you tons of time, and keep you in tune with your students' needs.

  • Engage students on iPhones and iPads with our Engage & Learn, where they can answer onscreen questions or tap an on-screen bubble sheet for paperless testing, whether your class is 1-to-1 or you just have a couple of iPads. You can choose what kind of immediate feedback they get and results are uploaded for you.

  • Share common assessments, automatically-aggregated reports, and plans with your PLC/Data Team, so your team meetings can be spent proactively, not on data sorting.

  • Import ExamView or PPT lessons or assessments, or quickly create keys to use tests you already have with clickers or easy bubble-sheet scanning.

  • Get an immediate and ever growing picture of what your students understand with a collection of great color-coded reports that quickly bring your attention to where help is needed.

Ready to Get Started?
Check out the articles in the Getting Started section if you haven't done those steps yet. Then, take a look at the "Overview" articles under the other sections, and see what tools you want to use next!
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