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After grading an assessment, use "Edit Key & Standards" to:

  • Correct a mistake in the key where the wrong correct answer was designated.

  • Allow more than one answer to be counted as correct.

  • Count a question as correct for all students.

  • Omit a question entirely. 

  • Add, remove, or change standards aligned to a question.

  • Adjust the question weighting.

NOTE: These changes will affect every report for every person to whom the same assessment was shared directly.

ALSO NOTE: Editing in the Lessons/Assessments tab's Actions>Edit feature will not edit the key for reports since editing a lesson later could unexpectedly change historical grade data. However, it does work the other way: Using Edit Key & Standards on a report will edit the key for the original lesson, for future use. 

How to Use Edit Key & Standards

  1. Go to the Reports tab and to the right of the report you want to edit, click the "Actions" menu and choose "Edit Key & Standards."

  2. The Edit Key & Standards view will open.

  3. Here are the things you can do on this screen, from left to right:
    • To fix a wrongly-designated correct answer, select the answer choice you want and un-select the wrong answer choice.

    • To allow more than one correct answer, select the additional answer choice you want. This will not require both answers in order to be counted as correct, but will count either answer as correct.

    • To count a question as correct for all students, click the "Count as Correct" button. You may use this if you determine a question's wording was confusing or unfair, for example. 

    • To omit a question entirely, click "Omit Question." Note: This will change the number of graded questions on the test  -- the denominator the scores are calculated by. 

    • To add, remove, or change standards aligned to a question, click the "Add Standards" link and follow the on-screen instructions. You will have the convenient option to add the same standard to all questions with one click, or you can choose different standards for each question.

    • To adjust the question weighting, toggle the up or down button next to the pts and percent for each question. Adjusting a question up or down will change the points for that particular question and will automatically adjust percentage weighting for all other questions. See our help desk article on question weighting for more information.

4. When finished editing your key, click Save. Saving may take longer for larger tests. When saving is completed, the Edit key & Standards window will close.

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