Create an Assessment from Item Bank Questions


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If your school has content uploaded as item banks or has purchased premium item banks through ALL In Learning such as Pearson, ALL STAAR Math, etc., creating an assessment of professionally-written questions can take seconds. Additionally, some premium item banks are provided for free from ALL In Learning.

There are two ways to get to item banks under Lessons/Assessments: Through the Item Banks tab and though the Create New button.

Using the "Item Banks" Tab

The easiest way to access item banks is the Item Banks tab located on the left side of your Lessons / Assessment page.


You can use this tab to narrow a search by Tag (such as grade and subject) or click the "Search by Standard" option to reveal item banks that match your specific standard.

Note: If you don't see any items, please contact for assistance!

Once you've found Item Banks, click View Items on the one you want to choose from, select the questions you want to use, and click “Create Assessment” to load the questions into a new assessment.




Using the "Create New" Button

Under Lessons/Assessments, there is a button called "Create New," which will show all the ways you can create an assessment, including from the item banks you have access to. Follow these steps to create an assessment of items by using the Create New button:

1. On the Lessons/Assessments tab, click Create New.


2. In the Import column, click Item Bank


3. Name and classify your assessment and click Next.

4. Drill down into the Standards document to select your designated standard.


5. Select the bank that is found to have the selected standard in the Choose Item Bank window below.


6. Select the Item Bank you want to access to view thumbnails and select the question.


Note: Some Item Bank questions contain links to passages (the word "Passage" will be located on the top left of the slide). This reading material is accessible via hyperlink, but the hyperlink will not work while the slide is in the Presentation Software. Once you have finished adding all your slides, you can access the link by displaying the Assessment via slideshow (Actions > SlideShow). From here, you can leave the passage up for students to read, or you can print off individual copies.

7. Click Import to import the selected questions into your lesson or assessment.  Be sure to click the Save (disk) icon to save your questions.

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